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In dusted rubble cries of orphaned Syrian children echo

Smashed into casualties their parents lay still weigh heavy

Damaged the grasping hold of reality kills a child's innocence

Towers can be rebuilt yet a child’s mind remains broken and lost

Human lives buried unseen though they should still shine amongst

How can this transpire without piecing enraged world noise

The planet so quiet no sound only the sound of bombs

Follow this warmongering and you’ll only find death

Is life of the innocent that worthless you have right to take it

Does this power you grant yourself sit still in your house

The world should beg to differ but is scarily silent.



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Joe and Jill went to Capitol Hill and didn’t give you two k

Joe fell down with lies abound dissembling to you this way

And as for Jill she stood still with hearts and words on their grass

Not even with the slightest care your two k didn’t pass.



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Nancy do you fancy giving us a check

No I don’t I’m not a true democrat heck

I’ll let you starve on my guard

Don’t winge and cry about this facade

Control is my game Pelosi my name

I’ll give you nothing that’s my fame

So we’ll die in the streets they don’t care

Forty plus million face evictions unfair

These drugged up fakes must go to bed

We don’t need this like a kick in the head.



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Blood On Their Hands.

“To Protect and To Serve” their motto lies

Police brutality continues to rise

Licensed murderers roam the streets

Their violent portrayal is as militant speaks

Elected officials show little remorse

But what’d you expect from corporate dorks

The public cry out oh to be heard

Yelling defund politicians think it absurd

Fighting for justice your voice not reserved

Obama told people a snappy slogans a risk

But don’t listen to him propagandas his fizz.



Elected Officials Hate you.

Forget the people of the States

And let them die upon the streets

Chase them down with legal beats

Let them starve for food to eat

Move them on from where they dwell

Lock them up at your will

Stop them breathing if you want

Fire at will if you can’t

Bring an end to fascist aids

End this violence of accolades.



Mara Annalitickah

Mara Annalitickah

Poet and sometimes essay writer. Deep thinker of the human condition. She/her.